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NEW RELEASE: About Life in East Greenland

Heute gehen wir Wale fangen, btb, 25 Euro

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Greenland. The biggest island in the world. When I crossed Greenland in 2013 and reached to East Coast of Greenland for the first time, I was fascinated. I returned several times to the Ammassalik region, which was visited by Europeans for the first time only 130 years ago. I met people who grew up in earth houses. In the stone age, so to speak. I met young people who had lost their identity in the rapid transition from the old life to modern times. And Europeans, who had come here hoping for a slower life. I found people living between worlds, and was tested myself over and over again – for example, when I was asked to join in the seal hunts. The Süddeutsche Zeitung writes about this book: “Birgit Lutz succeeds in painting a compelling, sensitive portrait of East Greenland in a unique moment: A time in which a culture is disappearing for all time.”

Thomas Ulrichs story from the ice


Schwarzes Wasser, DuMont Reiseverlag 8 Euro

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Work becomes pleasure when you realise plans with friends: The swiss adventurer and polar explorer Thomas Ulrich told me the story of his 2006 attempt to ski from Russia via the North Pole to Canada. After this incident quite a lot was happening and changing in Thomas´ life. He spoke to me very openly about what the experience of spending 4 days on breaking ice, fighting for survival, has done to him in the end. Sometimes things happen which divide your life into a before and an afterwards – and that afterwards is nothing like before. Our long talks led to the publication of a gripping tale, one which tells far more than merely the events of those dramatic days in March 2006.

The book about my Greenland Crossing

The Inuit say: „You never really know your friends from your enemies, until the ice breaks.“

Grenzerfahrung GrönlandQuerdurchGrönland

Grenzerfahrung Grönland (Hardcover), btb Verlag 2014, 19,95 Euro

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Quer durch Grönland (Taschenbuch), btb Verlag 2015, 10,99 Euro

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In May 2013 I crossed Greenland together with two men, from West to East. Our expedition became a journey into ourselves, which unfolded in a way that was unforeseen for all of us.

On skis to the North Pole and other stories

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Unterwegs mit wilden Kerlen (Hardcover), btb Verlag 2012, 19,95 Euro

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Eine Frau erobert die Arktis (Taschenbuch), btb Verlag 2013, 9,99 Euro

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Ice is never just ice. It is always different, every meter is new, you never know what the next kilometer is going to look like. In this book I tell of my expedition to the North Pole in 2010, together with Thomas Ulrich, but also of other arctic experiences I had and stories I gathered during five years of Arctic travel.