I speak in front of decision makers, executives, in schools and on ships, about adventure, motivation, team building, plastics or strong women. Let’s talk about your ideas!


Norway in winter, Spitsbergen in summer, come with me on a sailing ship or explore Greenland on your own? I’ll help you to make your dream trip to the north come true.


My task as guide or expedition leader is to keep my clients safe and happy. In addition to that I work on raising awareness of our fragile ecosystem, and how little it takes to treat our world a bit better.

Our plastic project in Spitsbergen and my lectures about it


Entangled seals, polar bears and reindeer, beaches full of garbage and plastic islands in the sea - this is a common scene for us in Spitsbergen. Because of these sad sightings we initiated a citizen science project with the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in 2015. We not only clean beaches, but also sort the garbage to provide data for scientific purposes. In a vivid lecture I talk about our project in schools and in public. I show how the condition of our oceans has deteriorated and why every one of us plays a part in this development - and how easy it is to do something to combat it.......

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Thoughts about Corona – Rebooking saves existences

For several years I am collaborating with a travel agency, that already really saved guests and me in various difficult situations. A good travel agency is worth gold, especially when it comes to travels like ours, with sometimes quite unforeseen developments. A travel agency which is caring for you like a family member is in such a case of very high value. If we still want to have such travel agencies in the future, the clients, the travelers, can now be of big support. Read more