I hold speeches for executives, decision makers and leaders, as a patron of sports events or as a guest lecturer, in schools, on ships, in the Arctic and in Antarctica, from 20 minutes to two hours. Let´s talk about your ideas!


The Arctic is within your reach, too! I travel in the high North since almost 10 years. With me you find a competent and enthusiastic specialist advisor for your Arctic travels. It is a true pleasure for me to find a voyage for you that really suits you.


I work as a guide since 2008, since 2014 also as an expedition leader. Besides of providing safety and happines, while guiding I also work on raising awareness for our fragile ecosystem and how little it takes to treat our world a bit better.


AWI-project: Publication in Marine Pollution Bulletin!

What a nice reward for all our work: We have cleaned several beaches in Spitsbergen within a project for the Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research. We weighed, counted and categorized the litter - and our data collection is now published in a scientific paper: at the Marine Pollution Bulletin! Read more