Thoughts about Greenland in weird times

Cleaning my archive I found some videos, which we made 2016 in East Greenland – at the end of my last voyage to the villages. In the fascinating scenery of Isortoq I contemplate about the time at this wonderful place. The thoughts I am telling there fit very well into the weird times which we are living right now. Whoever gets curious after the video and has some spare time for reading – it is a pleasure for me, to send you ┬ámy book “Heute gehen wir Wale fangen” and also my other books with a personal signature. Stay healthy!

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Today we go whaling…

Erfurter Herbstlese 2017

Two and a half years of work, three trips, many conversations – and now it is there, my new book “Today we go whaling…” In it, East Greenlanders tell me how it is at this cold end of the world, in a world somewhere between tradition and modern life. I spent a total of three months in East Greenland. My experience was both one of joy, and one of sadness. And this is how I put the story to paper.

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